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Baby Evan

You may remember my previous maternity shoot with Stephanie and Adam. Evan is about 2 months now and he’s such a sweet heart. Here are a few photos from our session together. I look forward to photographing him more during this exciting first year.

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Baby Dylan

My cousin and her husband welcomed baby Dylan into the work 9 months ago. He’s very cute. I feel lucky to be related to such a cute little guy. I had to share my favorites photos from our session.

I used two side lights with two reflectors in the front for several of these. I then replaced the reflectors with a giant Elinchrome Octabank while keeping the side lights for the rest of the shoot. I’m happy with both set ups, but I prefer the Octabank lighting. It gives a really nice highlight in the eyes and provides beautiful light.

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Ad Campaign for Electric Visual Snow Goggles

This series of images is one I dreamed up for my Advertising Campaign class for Electric Visual Snow Goggles. I created the fake snow myself with advice from as many local professionals as I could find. I’m happy with the end result, and it was a lot of fun to experiment with different materials.

The first three photographs were my first take at the project. I used potato flakes and hair spray to create a snowy look. I like the effect, and I like the photographs themselves. I haven’t edited them as they were just a rough cut for the final shoot.

The project was to have a sense of humor about what being covered in ice and snow does to how a man looks, so it was important for me to push the makeup further to accomplish the humor in the ad campaign. I ended up using Karo syrup, fake snow in two different types, wax, hot glue, hair spray, and sugar to create this final look. I am really happy with the final results. I’m excited about putting more shoots like this together because I had a ton of fun putting all these pieces together.


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Valentine’s Day 2011

My boyfriend Casey surprised me with flowers and cake for Valentine’s Day this year. I snapped a couple shots of the gifts and wanted to share my favorite…

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Castle Rock, CO for Photo Design

I am currently attending classes at the Art Institute of Colorado. One of my classes this quarter is Photographic Design. My chosen subject for this class is a study of Castle Rock, CO. For this assignment I chose to utilize the lack of focus of a subject to emphasize its shape and color. I was hoping to impart more of the feeling of a place, then to describe it otherwise.

Interestingly the photographs although taken at different places around Castle Rock and even on different days form an interesting triptych.

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